Continually seeking safe, user-friendly dosing

Shiono Chemical carefully examines safety and effectiveness in our development and manufacture of generic pharmaceutical products, while complying with the various standards based on the pharmaceutical legislation in Japan. In addition, we are intent on enhancing user-friendliness such as controlling bitterness experienced and making dosage forms smaller by using the latest equipment and advanced techniques.
As a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals we develop highly safe and reliable generic products for patients, using our strength of superior information-integration capability that comes from being a trading company function, and making use of factory equipment with R&D functions.

A Wide Range of Dosage Forms

Maintaining diverse production lines in Japan and abroad

We have secured pharmaceutical production bases around the globe,
in partnership with other pharmaceutical factories in Japan and abroad,
in order to achieve a reliable supply of pharmaceutical products.
We offer a wide range of generic pharmaceutical dosage forms,
using inventiveness also with container and packaging material,
aiming to improve patients’ QOL.

Takasaki Factory

Implementing quality control and quality assurance based on international standards

Shiono Chemical implements quality testing, quality control and quality assurance for generic pharmaceuticals at our international standard compliant factory.
The factory is organized with a thoroughgoing management system based on the large amounts of data already accumulated and careful planning, and is capable of not only generic pharmaceutical R&D, but also assessment of APIs and intermediates, and planning for and implementing approval application examinations.