Resolving issues with comprehensive consulting

In addition to being a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals, Shiono Chemical also provides comprehensive consulting services relating to generic pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs.
Aiming to offer valuable consulting services with every process from patent searches right up to product development, approval application, manufacturing, and sales strategies, we have had many achievements with proposing various kinds of outsourcing, and finding possible partner companies within the pharmaceutical industry.

Examples of consulting services

We offer proposals in response to a wide range of requests.
Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

  • Searching and investigating API sources
  • Proposals for generic pharmaceutical sales strategies
  • Proposals for product development
  • Selecting development partners
  • Preparation of various test plans
  • Planning changes for dosage forms
  • Proposals for new containers
  • Planning various pharmaceutical kit products
  • Proposals for OEM partners (including overseas factories)
  • Selecting sales partners

Total power

Strong support with integrated abilities including intellectual property

Shiono Chemical has an Intellectual Property Department that is knowledgeable in both the international and domestic patent system, which investigates various risk factors such as patent infringement, to provide clients with an environment where they can feel reassured when using products.
In addition, the Development Department and GMP Inspection Section handle pharmaceutical and GMP affairs such as registering API master files (MFs), offering support for foreign manufacturer accreditation, and handling GMP compliance inspections.
We have a system of consistent support for development through to the sale of generic pharmaceuticals, including the handling of patents, pharmaceutical affairs, and GMP systems that all differ from one country to another.