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A bridge for the pharmaceutical industry, linking Japan with the rest of the world

Since establishment in 1978, as a manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals, Shiono Chemical Co., Ltd. has been providing patients with safe and reliable generic pharmaceuticals, as well as being engaged in the importation and sale of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, and a wide range of consulting services for those in the pharmaceutical industry with regard to such matters as development of generic pharmaceuticals, product planning, and coordination between companies.
We have continued to offer prompt and sincere response to various requests and demands received, holding our company’s mission to contribute to the development of healthcare through a reliable supply of high-quality, safe products.
Shiono Chemical is also well-informed of international pharmaceutical legislation and the global pharmaceutical supply chain. This characteristic has gained us credibility and a good reputation along with the support from many people. We will continue making every effort towards the further expansion of generic pharmaceuticals in the future.

A Message from Shiono

Since our founding in 1978, the basis of personal development for our staff has been,
“play hard and cultivate one’s spirit, study hard and cultivate one’s mind, work hard and cultivate one’s life.”
Based on our advanced information-integration capability, and with people’s health foremost in mind,
we have built solid trust and reliability as a pharmaceutical company that offers development proposals,
and developed ourselves through responding quickly to customers’ requests and requirements in our various activities including the manufacture,
importation and sale of pharmaceuticals,
as well as comprehensive consulting services covering the coordination between companies for product development and planning.
We hope to continue to contribute towards healthcare with a central focus on generic pharmaceuticals,
paying particular attention to the moves of the national health service.
Our entire company will continue to aim at providing a healthy lifestyle to every corner of the world,
while also concentrating on conserving the global environment.

Kanichi Shionoya / President

Company profile
Company name Shiono Chemical Co., Ltd.
Established April 20, 1978
President Kanichi Shionoya
Sales 19.9 billion yen (2021)
Number of employees 223
Line of business Import and sales of APIs, R&D support, manufacture and sales of generic pharmaceuticals, consulting
Head office 2-10-10 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0028
TEL: 03-5202-0213 FAX: 03-5202-0230 MAP
Takasaki Factory 1286-1 Kamiozuka, Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture 375-0054
TEL: 0274-24-2130 FAX: 0274-24-2131 MAP
1978 Foundation of Shiono Chemical Co., Ltd.
Commenced wholesale distribution of APIs
1987 Commenced importation and sales of pharmaceuticals
1988 Opened its Chichibu Factory
Commenced manufacturing pharmaceuticals
1995 Relocated the factory and laboratory
Commenced operations at Takasaki Factory
1997 Expansion of Takasaki Factory
2003 Relocated head office
2009 Further expansion of Takasaki Factory
2013 Relocated to new premises
2015 Expansion of Takasaki Factory

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